Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cross Country

Well, another post another month. With the cross country winding to a close, I thought that I would recap the running season so far.

After the two week break after Nats I started to get back into the rythem very easy by winning the first race. I took a few races off so I didnt feel over raced this year and it has worked out. I had a significant setback a pre-ofsaa where my soas tightend up causing my back, quad and calf to seize up so I had to drop out. The next week was on and off depending on the terrain. I could run on the flats fine, but as soon a a significantly steep hill came i almost had to slow to a crawl in order to keep my back from seizing.

The next week went by very fast, and in that week I probably took 2-4 days off in order for my back to recoperate. The Thursday after pre-ofsaa was TVRAA and I went in trying to put in a solid 7km race effort. I really pushed the pace but after about 4 km I had to easy up in order to keep my back in tack. Some people would have been very frustrated with this, but I saw this as an improvement from the last week and this kept my hopes up for WOSSA a week later. What got my spirits up even more the the astonishing 18 points that our team tallied at conference.

After a solid week of training, I had established in my mind that I was back in action and ready to let it rip at WOSSA. With high hopes as an individual and as a team, I/we did not disappoint. We placed 1/3/7/11 totaling 22 points. I made my break at 3 km on an extremely hilly course and won by 30 seconds. Our team did amazing with all of us having stellar races. I know that not many people are picking us to medal at OFSAA, but watch out Ontario, after the smoke of OFSAA clears, Chris Balestrini, Mike Crosby, Zach Cahill, Justin Laing Troy Biddle and myself will be standing on the podium at the end of the race.

So with OFSAA a few days away, I am just letting the OFSAA gods take care of things. There is nothing that I can do from now on in that will make me any fitter. I can only make sure that I am getting enough rest, stretching, and eating right to ensure that I am fully prepared to give 100%.

So until later,