Friday, April 17, 2009

What to do, What to do

Today is going to be a very long day. It started out with getting up at 4am in order to make it to Detroit for my 8am flight. I made it with plenty to spare. The 3 hour flight to Dallas was went smooth for the first 2 hours, then we hit so rough weather. It was a little nerve racking with the lightning coming every minute or so, but we got through it with only some minor turbulance and arrived in Dallas to torrential downpoor.

Once in Dallas I took a nap because i had a 2:30 layover. After a 45 minute nap i woke up to find out my 12:45 flight was cancelled. I got put on stand-by for a 1:40 flight, and booked a 5:10 flight. the 1:40 got cancelled, so i am about 20th on stand-by for a 3:30 flight. So it looks like I will be getting into Lubbock at 6:10, just in time for the mandatory 4pm race meeting. Awsome.

So as you can tell i am bored out of my mind. Its not like there is anything to do in an airport but wait, and i am tired of listening to music after 6 hours of it.

So until later.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Results are in

Well it has been 6 days since the 5km showdown, and I have been dreading this moment the whole time. I lost the 5km showdown between my dad an I, so the people that voted for my dad won, sorry i let everyone down. In order for me to win, I would of had to run a 13:50. I think my dad was lying about how fast he could run in a ploy to get the radio back. No one runs a minute thirty faster than they think they can for 5km. So that is my theory.

My race went really well. I had a seven second pb that I set in July last year, with no real speedwork. The course profiles for both are perfectly flat, so they should run roughly even. I went out really hard, and paid for it the last 2km, but i was running with 2 other people, and i didnt want to let them go. I was second overall, but I lost to a kenyan, so it is basically a win. Results can be found here.

Tommorow I leave for Lubbock Texas to compete in the first tri of the season. I fly out at 8ish am, so that means an early morning, awsome. I am really looking foward to getting all the cobwebs out. Matt Vierula and I are the only Canadains going, so it should be fun.

So until later,

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Connor VS Bruce
Here are the results of those who voted. The race is only one day away, so if there are any straglers out there who haven't voted, time is running out.
So until Later,

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Beginning of the Season

So training the last week has gone well. The weather has been very inconsisstant, but what ya gonna do. One day it is 10 degrees, the next it is -5 with a few inchs of snow. I just finished a hard four week block, and now I got a rest week leading into the first race of the year.

There are only 3 days to go until the Good Friday 5km, so keep the votes coming in on who you think is going to win between may dad and myself. We only have a few votes so far. I am really looking foward to getting the season underway. The week after Easter is the first triathlon of the year in Lubbock, so i am really looking foward to that.

Last night was the end of March Madness, and the team i was cheering for got rocked. Michigan lost 89-72, last years game went into overtime, this years was over by the end of the first quater.

So until later