Thursday, April 16, 2009

Results are in

Well it has been 6 days since the 5km showdown, and I have been dreading this moment the whole time. I lost the 5km showdown between my dad an I, so the people that voted for my dad won, sorry i let everyone down. In order for me to win, I would of had to run a 13:50. I think my dad was lying about how fast he could run in a ploy to get the radio back. No one runs a minute thirty faster than they think they can for 5km. So that is my theory.

My race went really well. I had a seven second pb that I set in July last year, with no real speedwork. The course profiles for both are perfectly flat, so they should run roughly even. I went out really hard, and paid for it the last 2km, but i was running with 2 other people, and i didnt want to let them go. I was second overall, but I lost to a kenyan, so it is basically a win. Results can be found here.

Tommorow I leave for Lubbock Texas to compete in the first tri of the season. I fly out at 8ish am, so that means an early morning, awsome. I am really looking foward to getting all the cobwebs out. Matt Vierula and I are the only Canadains going, so it should be fun.

So until later,

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Dad said...

A challenge to my integrity? That's it - next year I'll take you on without a handicap!