Thursday, February 28, 2008

Finally starting to feel good

After about a week of swimming, i am finally getting back into the groove. I did a 1500y time trial yesturday with len gushe. It was not amazing, but i went 16:00. Len beat me by 10 seconds, it was not that i died (i actually even splitted my 750's) but he picked it up. then today i did 400lcm 200 pull, 200 kick, and on the lsat one i went pretty quick. My running mileage is getting better. I did a 13 km tempo run on a hilly route, and averaged 3:30's, then 2 days later i did the orange road in 1:02. My biking is getting better now that i can ride outside. I guess that we willl find out how my training is coming next saturady when i do the local triathlon.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Getting back into the groove

Well it has been a week since i arrived in Florida and I love it here. The training is great with a great outdoor pool, although it is a little warm. The biking is fantastic with hills to one side and flats to the other, but with some hillbillies (whose stature in society is rated by how many wrecked cars on their lawn) being a**holes make it dangerous, but also amusing at times, and the running is great. The last few days have been ugly in the pool. I had a hard in the set 9 x 400 on 5:30 LC decendng. i started out on 5:20 and went down to 4:52. it wasnt the best set i have done, but i haven't swam in a week. today was much better with 40 x 50y on 35, i averaged 30, so i was moving. As for biking, did 6 x sugarlaof, fun fun fun. it went alright. I am not the strongest on the bike right now, but i was only 10 seconds slower than my personal best on the hill, so i am in not bad shape. My running is coming along, did 3 miles on the track decending 1-3 on 6:30 the other day. started out 5:20, then 5:08, then 4:48 in pissing rain. i could barely see 50m in front of me. So that is an update on my training so far.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Living the Professional Life

So i have arrived in Florida safe and sound. I am currently staying at my grandparents right now at golfers heaven. It doesn't interest me, but it is relaxing. So when i arrived at their house, i relized that i had forgot a few things, so today i got them from the local bike shop. I also picked up a pair of compression socks, they're pretty sweet. I am sure all of the old golfers think that i and mentally ill or something for wearing them, but then again, old people like to wear their high black socks, so we will never know. I start doing the serious training on Friday becasue that is when i wiull meet up with len at the pool, so until then i am just doing some light long training sessions, just putting in the km's. I finally got my new pair of Oakleys, and they look sweet.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

I finally started my online courses last Thursday. It will take a while to get used too, but as long as i stay motivated to doing it, I should be fine. I bought a laptop, so i will be able keep up the blogging and school down in florida

So I finally started swimming again last week, and it was ugly. After basically taking 3 weeks off because of Brazil, exams, and my shoulder and being exremely sick, it made for a very tough week back. With the first distance set coming Wedn.esday morning, it caused me to be extremely sore for the rest of the week. The times that i was holding in the pool were not even worthy of a 13 year old girl. Usually I can tell right when the set starts if it is going to be good based on how well by body rises out of the water when i am going fast, but the past few days i have felt like a brick going throught the water. In a set that we do almost every other week (400's best average on 6), i was over 20 seconds slower per 4 hundred. hopefully i get my fitness back the first week in florida, which i leave for on tuesday.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

No Excuses

The next time i don't want to go for a run because it is too cold, or when i don't have the motivation to give 110% too a workout, i will think of this commercial

Saturday, February 9, 2008

I Guess Kids look Up to Me

Well, the 4.6km time trial was a little ugly. We got about 3 inches of snow last night, combined with the rain the day before, it made for slow and slippery conditions. I was running by myself right from the get go, and i could feel my hamstrings and calves getting tighter as the run went on. I finished exactly one minute from my best time done last April, so considering the conditions, i will take it.

So I went to the local YMCA to talk to the kids triathlon group. It went well, I think that i satisfied their curiosity with all of my experiences(all 3 of them) and how much i train. They seemed pretty interested to hear about my goals. I then talked to them about how loving the sport and having a free attitude should come above anything else. I think that i met all of their needs. It feels good to have helped these kids on their way to hopefully becoming succesful triathletes. I even had one little kid and his dad approach me after my speech to talk to me about the best approach to getting into the sport. 10 days until florida.

Thursday, February 7, 2008


Watching the show Lost right now, getting pretty exciting, i will have to do this during commercials. My shoulder is getting a little better. i am taking a week off from swimming to let my shoulder recover. I think that i may have pulled something when i got mangled in a wave during a body surfing session in Brazil. I leave for Florida on the 18 of February, so i am getting pretty excited to get away from all the snow. We just got about a foot, and i had to shovel the driveway and i can't wait to get away from it. I went to a local public school on Wednesday to talk about triathlon and it was my first time doing this. they seemed pretty interested to hear about my trips and my goals of becoming a future olympian. I am doing another talk to the local kids triathlon group, so we will see how that goes.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Long but Fun Weekend

Well, this is my first blog and i am still figuring things out, so bear with me. This weekend was very busy, i went to McMaster for their recruitment week and got to meet most of the xc/track team. Good times. Then i had a swim meet the next day and i paid for the night before, and my shoulder hurt from getting mangled while body surfing in Brazil.. I didn't get to my goal time in the 400, but i still took over a second, so i finished with 4:14. Went for a 50 minute run today and felt pretty good.