Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Living the Professional Life

So i have arrived in Florida safe and sound. I am currently staying at my grandparents right now at golfers heaven. It doesn't interest me, but it is relaxing. So when i arrived at their house, i relized that i had forgot a few things, so today i got them from the local bike shop. I also picked up a pair of compression socks, they're pretty sweet. I am sure all of the old golfers think that i and mentally ill or something for wearing them, but then again, old people like to wear their high black socks, so we will never know. I start doing the serious training on Friday becasue that is when i wiull meet up with len at the pool, so until then i am just doing some light long training sessions, just putting in the km's. I finally got my new pair of Oakleys, and they look sweet.

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