Tuesday, June 3, 2008

In Vancouver

Well, I have finally arrived in Vancouver. The weather isn't as nice as I would have liked it to be but what the hell. The colder it is here, the more the hot countries will suffer from the cold

We left Victoria at 10 am. Paul and I did an easy swim at Commonwealth then we loaded all my stuff for the ride to Victoria. We took the ferry across. It was pretty relaxing with the buffet and not having to be all cramped on an airplane. We are staying at the university in a suite. It isn't bad, each suite has 6 rooms, a lounge and a kitchen. I am the lucky one because my room is the only one with a double bed, the rest have singles. You can tell that they are from the 70's because of all the concrete everywhere. The nice thing about staying here is that the pool is close, it has a kitchen and it also has a great view.

So my race is Thursday at 9 am. I am starting to get a little nervous leading up to it. I guess that that is a good thing because when I am not nervous I usually dont have a good race. I feel really fit right now, my swimming has never been quicker in triathlon season, my biking is there and my running speed has increased since last year. So what this all means is look out for me during the race because i will be moving.

Yesturday I recieved an email from Shaw TV asking me to do some media interviews before and after my race, and during my race they are going to be following my progress and talking to my coach len Gushe about what is going on. So now that I am doing this, I better not lose my suit or it will be on TV. More incentive not to do that again. This is going to be a great oportunity to promote the junior aspect of the sport, and I am glad that they are not just focusing on the elites.

Again i will post the link to the live broadcasting for our race here so this way my very few readers can follow my progress towards a great result.

So until later,



Daniel Wells said...

Didn't know you left yesterday, so I guess I'll see you in Vancouver on Friday.

Rip it up on Thursday, I'll have the tricast going here.

Lindsay said...

Can't wait to watch your race. Like you said, you better keep your clothes on this time though. ("Keep this thing PG people")
Good luck. I know you're going to rip it up!

len gushe said...

after you disappoint the ~100,000 German women who will have travelled all the way to Vancouver just for tomorrow morning's race, and packed in and surrounded your T1 transition area, light 'em all back up with a 15-flat on the run! the race suit's ON you this time, the 15-flat is IN you! As Lindsay and Dano said, zip it up and rip it up!
Good luck!!!