Monday, March 3, 2008

Now I remember why I hate days off

So i spent my day off at my grandparents house. Got a nice free, good meal, watched some satellite tv, considering where i am now only has 12 channels. So after spending the day there. i arrived home tyo find everything still in order. Now that Len is gone, i have no ride to the pool, so i hitched a ride with Blake Becker, a ironman pro on the Timex team. my set was 20x100LC, 10 descending on 1:40, a minute break and then 10 on 1:40 best average. After taking the day off before, i just couldn't find my groove. The times i was holding were miserable compared to what i am capable of. There is something about long course swimming that limits my potential. I just cant get my body to that hydro plaining position. The one good thing i can say about getting back to training is that i had an excellent bike today doing 2X 11.7km TT pn rolling hills.

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