Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Some solid workouts

So now that Len is gone, I have no way to get groceries. So I stalked up before he left, and I think that I timed the amount of food just right so that i will have enough food to get me to Barrie's camp which starts on friday.

I am usually not a very good long course swimmer, but the last few days have been getting better. I have been doing some sprint sets for the last few days working on my speed and body position. For some reason they had the pool at long course on Tuesday, but i did the set of 48x25m on 30s fast. I actually felt pretty good during this set. there was no way to tell what i was going for it because i was stoppin in the middle of the pool, so i can only estimate. After the swim, i ran down to the track, stretched, and did a 15km tempo back to the house. i did 4 km on the track, and then the real pain began as the hills were the next thing to come. i ended up doing it in 50:35, whiich i think is amazing for me right now.

I woke up this morning, and my arms were exhausted. to make matters worse, my swim was longcourse. No problem, i was doing som tethered swimming. after a 15 min warm up, i but on the belt and attached the surgical tubing to the staring blocks and began my set of 30 on, 30 off 15 times. After about 5 i was getting exhausting, but i stayed in the same spot for most of them. i took a mintue break from the last repeat, and then did an all out 50. i dont consider myself a sprinter, but for 35 metres a felt amazing, the last 15 was something else. i could feel my exhausted legs and arms start to fade. i still went low 28, which isnt bad considering how much i have done this week. After the swim i went out for a ride. I rode to sugarloaf and did 6 repeats. it didnt go as i planned. my legs were so exhausted that i was nowhere near where i wanted to be. oh well.

I regestered for the escape from forida triathlon taking place this Sunday, so we will see where my fitness is right now.

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