Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What doesn't kill me makes me stronger

Since my last post not much else has happened. I finally got back in the pool, and man was it ugly. We did a time trial yesturday for those who need a QFG standard and it was horrible. I was 12 second slower in the the time trial than I did in practice at the end of a hard 400 set 2 weeks ago. Then today was our usual Gullivers lake brick. I had nothing in the swim, my arms were dead, but I still managed to lead 2 of the three from the gun. Oh well, it will take me a few days to start to feel the water agian.

My biking has been the worst. Ever since since I got off the trainer on Saturday there just hasn't been any power in my legs. They are extremely sore right now and I have no explanation as to why. I guees what doesn't kill me makes me stronger.

My running is still there, on Monday we did 5x1km on a grass loop. I was knocking off sub three km's like they were nothing. My legs died a little on the last one but once again, what doesn't kill me makes me stronger. Tommorow i will be doing the Burlington 5km, so i will be able to judge my fitness from that.

So until later,



len gushe said...

I think all that road rash is going to have the priviledge of going for a 14 minute and 59 second ride tomorrow, maybe even quicker. 5 sub 3's are not out of the question tomorrow....

unleash a good one dude!

Anonymous said...

i heard what doesn't kill you makes you stronger

Mark said...

you'll be back, dude!