Friday, January 23, 2009

Getin'er done

Last weekend I drove down to UofT to race at Senior Provincials. With a month and a half of swim training under my belt, I didn`t expect much. I raced the 1500, probably not the best race to do after very little training. My plan was to build throughout the race, but it never works that way. I took the first 400 slow, then descended the next 400. I probably took the second 4 way too fast. At the 900, my lack of swimming kicked in and my stroke grew to a halt. I finished, barely, but almost a minute off my best time. At this point last year, i went 30 seconds faster swimming a a long course 1500 at this meet, but then again, i didnt start swimming in late november last year.

That was the Saturday, on the Monday I got the flu, it was pretty ugly. Even after 5 days, I still feel the effects of it. I am running low on energy in long workouts.

Yesturday was my last official day of high school. I have exams next week, then the end of the Victory (I guess you can call it that) Lap. I am looking foward to finally finishing of high school and beginning a new chapter in my life.

So until Later,

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