Monday, March 23, 2009

First camp has come to a close

Well, although my first training camp wasn't in the deep south of Florida or the desert of Arizona, going to Guelph was definately a good choice. Over the two weeks spent there, I could really feel the energy in all three sports come back. It is amazing the difference training as a triathlete has on you compared to training under coaches who specialize in individual sports. You end up going faster in the long run because your training is set up so that your are not trashing the same muscles over and over again, which leads to fatigue, and eventually injury. Only problem with training as a triathlete, is there are very few environments that allow you to do so.

The last month I have felt lousy in the pool, but after the first few days in Guelph, I began to get the zip back that was there early February. I was able to have some very solid workouts, and even got down to 3's and 4's on one set of hundreds. The total over the two weeks in the pool was just over 45 km. It would have been 50, but the pool was closed one day for some waterpolo thing.

With an increase in temperature over the last few weeks (it actually got into the double digits, and it wasnt negative double digits), it meant that I could brave it outside. It was nice to be able to finally take the bike off the trainer and hit the road. Now the next set is to be able to do it with out tights, jackets, and knee/arm warmers. Its hards to gage your fittness on the bike this early when all you are doing is base work, so we will see where i am in a couple of weeks when the local bike races start here in london. Total over two weeks was 6 rides/7hrs, so do the math.

Increase in temperature meant shorts on the run. Not quite warm enough to sport the bare chest, but i'll take whatever I can get. I was running very well knocking off under 3:10 for 1250 repeats, and then the next week I was doing them in 3:05's. It looks like all of the base i have done over the winter has paid off, now i just need the speed, although i did knock off a 29 second 200 at the end of a long workout. Total for the two weeks was 125km.

Firts race is in little over 2 weeks, a local 5 km. This race ranks in the top three of the year, right behind Worlds (if i make it) and PATCO. There are some very high stakes. My dad and I always do a 5km each year, I give him a handicap, and at the end whoever comes out on top wins control of the radio whenever we are in the car together, until the next challange(usually a golf match during the summer. I have held it since September, so he is getting a little ancy). As of right now I am giving him 7 minutes. To all my very few readers out there, post a comment on who you think is going to win, and leave your name, that way I know that it isnt just my dad voting for himself over and over agian in a ploy to indimidate me(its hard to be intimidated when im giving him 7 mintues), and on Good Friday (April 8) we will see who comes out on top. The last time we had out race my dad beat me bay a few seconds, so we are predicting another nailbiter.


idon said...

i need a background of your father's fitness. if he can run under 22:15 then i might pick him.

Kara Thrace said...
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Jeremy Bentham said...
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CoachCT said...

I'll take Connor. Gotta' believe.

Dad said...


I might be able to go under 22:15, but I seriously doubt that I would survive the attempt. Having said that, I would rather die trying than have to listen to any more of Connor's radio station.


Tom said...

Hey Connor,

Erna wanted me to tell you that it was a real shame that all the pools had "Waterpolo" going on that day so you couldn't get your workout in. If only she had told that Victor Davis was open you could have got 50km in!

We still love ya though, Tom and Erna

Daniel Wells said...

Connor....I'm gonna back you in the 5km...though you got the team wrong in the NCAA championship was Michigan ST, not Michigan.
Michigan sucks.

Good luck at the US 2012 race...


Anonymous said...

i will vote for your dad because. You should win, that is why I'm voting for him.