Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"I would rather Die than go to Guelph" My Bad

I know, I know, if you had talked to me last year about where I would be going to university I would have said McMaster, and maybe something like "I would rather die than go to Guelph". But after comtemplating about it late last year, I decided that Guelph is a better place for me. With my coach, Craig Taylor, based out of Guelph, and a great squad training there, with the edition of a few athletes next year, I really feel that it will be great for my developement. After spending two weeks there during March I feel that I made the right decision.

So until later,



CoachCT said...

....and here I was thinking you'd be going to Victoria.

idon said...

this is great.
go gryphons.

James Loaring said...

congrats on PATCO Connor. Look forward to some awesome sparring in Guelph...

Tom said...

I remember you saying something after Guelph lake last year how you hated the architecture of the uni. How times have changed. Oh yeah, it's addition not edition.

See you in two weeks T "E" L