Friday, May 16, 2008

Best Workout So Far

So this morning i felt pretty good in the pool so i decided to move up in line. It was definately a good choice. As soon as warm up started i knew it was going to be a good day.

With the set being 50x50 on 45, 4 strong, 1 fast. I started out a little slow, going 37's for the strong and 34 for the fast, but about 15 in i started going 34-35 for the strong and 32 for the fast. I felt good for the entire set. Next was the 500 fast. I started second, racing Simon. It was probably the best i have every felt in the pool since I left london. I went 5:42, which is probably the fastest 500 i have ever done, partly because i never do 500's, mostly 400's. I dont know my splitting, but Simon was close to me for the first 200, but i just kept going strong and finished quite a way ahead of him.

Just want to wish Simon a happy birthday(maybe that why i beat him) and good luck to Andrew Yorke and AP Baillargeon Smith at the Ixtapa Continental cup as they are both fighting for a worlds spot (i think).

So until later,



len gushe said...

Good work Connor! You are starting to adapt well to the increased workload out there. Muscle aches and aching are fading and muscle strength, power and speed are are in for your best race ever in 3 weeks!
Keep it up!

len gushe said...

here in quebec city, just broke the masters world record for the 400IM this morning. saw our Senator Heatley and the boys beat Sweden last night. no one can stop that line Nash-Getzlaf-Heatley...too big, too strong, too skilled, too fast, too dilemna time for me...i have tickets for Russia-Canada tomorrow....about the time the game would be ending, would be my 200 back where i think i can break that record too...arena is a 20 minute drive from the pool....what would you do? a) skip game b) skip race c)leave game a little early after Canada has built an insurmountable lead and go get record.
i like c) :)
p.s. Liya is cheering for Team Canada!

Anonymous said...

Beating Simon....what's next..Beijing?