Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Last week

The last week has gone very well. Training has gone very well, along with racing. Last weekend I had the WOSA Regional Swim Championships here in London, just a low level meet where I have to swim a ton, even with my lack of fitness. Wow is it nice to be able to get out of your own bed and drive 10 minutes to go race. It went much better than I thought. I swam the 800, 200fr/bk, 100bk, 400fr, and although I didn`t set one personal best, I raced much better than expected. My final race to the season was the 400 free, and it couldnt have gone any better. I started slow and built into it. I executed the perfect 400, 1st 100m steady, 2nd 100m fast but easy, then 4x50 decend. I felt amazing during the race and didn`t start to hurt until the last 50. I even finished within a few seconds of my personal best, and with the amount of training I have been doing this year compared to last year in the pool, I was surprised to see such a good result. You can find the results at the London Aquatic Club website.

I am looking outside my window right now to see pouring rain. The weather has been very odd this year. I can`t remember the last time we got so much snow, and had so many days at -10 or colder. But the last few days have been above freezing and today it is supposed to go up to +11. Yesturday I went for a run in pants and a long sleve shirt, and I was over heating. I almost should have worn shorts, in February.

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