Friday, August 14, 2009

Canada Games, Day 1

I will take lots of photos, and try to post everyday while I am here, its a long shot, but it can be done.

I arrived in Summerside PEI this morning to a hearty welcome. We left Toronto on a chartered flight (its nice to just get off the bus and walk on the plane without haveing to deal with checkin and security). After a two hour flight, we arrived in Summerside. The 150 or so athletes got off the plane to be welcomed by banners, and a quick usher into a conference building for a briefing.

The athlete village used to be an old army barracks/converted hotel, in which they took everything out of the rooms and put bunk beds in instead. We are rooming with the sailing team, which makes 6 people in a normal hotel room. That isn't even bad, our girls team is rooming with 11 rowers, which makes 14 of them to a suite, which is 2 rooms, and one bathroom, ouch.

There is a cafateria, in which they serve three meals a day, and unlimited snacks for 6-11pm, which is nice. There is also a games hall, in which there are video games, comptuers, a pool/ping pong table, and a couple tv's. A few of us played some wierd bean planting card game that Craig had. Thanks to some crafty tactics I won.

As far as the training goes. We went for a short ride down to the beach along part of the bike course. The roads look fairly well maintained, there are a few bumpy sections, but nothing I havent experienced before. Last year the swim was barely wetsuit legal, not an issue this year. Stepping in the water reminded me of Des Moines (30ish degrees), but as we got farther out, and the water got deeper, it cooled off. The temperature will definately make in a non wetsuit swim :).

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