Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Canada Games, Day 6/7

the last two days haven't very exciting. Yesturday we went for an early swim, then we watched the Ontario womens beach volleyball team face New Brunswick. It was a close match that came down to the last set where the won by a few points. the rest of the days training was just a nice light hour bike.

I went an watched Ontario wrestle Quebec yesturday. Although I didnt get to see everyone wrestle, from what I saw Ontario had no problem beating them. We won 47-7, which is quite substancial. I dont know if Quebec is a powerhouse, but based on their population, they cant be too far behind us.

Last night the entire team went to Dorelles parent`s cottage for a little get together. We played some ultimate frisbie, in which my team dominated. they we played croquet, where Alexander killed everyone. He was done the course before we were even halfway, hidden talent discovered. They had tons of seafood, and fresh PEI potatoes for dinner, which was all excellent, and a nice change to the pasta, rice, and steamed vegetables that we get here everyday.

Today we went down to the race site to get in an openwater swim, and to practice our relay takeovers and dives. Tommorow is the team relay. Eight or nine teams will tow the line with a 300m swim, 6.6km bike and a 2km run. B.C. has to be the favourite with their dominate performance in the individual race. That doesnt bother us, we like being the underdog, no pressure.

My body is starting to come around. I wasnt that sore after Tuesdays race, but I can feel the power that has been lacking the last week start to come back. `

So until later,

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