Monday, August 17, 2009

Canada Games, Day 4

The heat wave continues to roar across PEI. The last few days we have seen temperatures reaching 35, which reminds me of last years summer back in Ontario. The only way to escape it is to workout either very early, or very late. Which means that I was up again at 6:15 so that I could eat and then go for an hour ride, all before 8:30.

We went down to the race site today for a quick open water swim, nothing special, just some 50m starts. I have been feeling really good in the water the last few days, and with B.C. and us starting close together, I am sure that that feeling will come in handy. My running and biking legs are steadily coming around. I dont know if it was the short flight, or just some overall fatigue, but when I got here my legs just felt awful.

Tommorow is the individual event for triathlon. We race at noon, with the girls going 2 hours before us. I am excited to finally race, the games experience is quite something, and I am happy to be one of the first athletes to compete in triathlons debut at the Canada Games.

Thanks to everyone else who has sent me an email, and thanks to everyone who has helped me out this year. Here is one of my bigger fans, although she can't talk yet, and I will tear it up.

So until later,

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Bob said...

Rip n Hammer 'em tomorrow! Good luck.