Thursday, August 13, 2009


A little recap of the last month or so since I went off the grid. Des Moines was a good learning experience. A good wake up call for when I move up to the u23 category next year. Our team (Kyla, Myself, Sarah, Jeff) had no expectations going in, and we were thrilled to have such a great final result. i think we were 13thish of 19ish teams. I came home, had a week or so to recover for nationals in Gatineau. I needed all that time to do so. Nationals finally rolled around, I hadnt tapered for it, just a few days of rest. Had a great swim/bike with 3 of us staying away. Started to cramp on the run, fell back to 5 or so by the end of the first lap, rallied on the second lap by just pushing through it, and magically started to feel really good, so i just kept building the second lap, and kept reeling guys in. I finished first, so my second National Junior Title, which is nice to get back.

I now have Canada Games on the adgenda. I leave tommorow morning. Wow did it ever creep up fast. I remember after Coteau, when I still hadn't made up my mind to whether I wanted to go or not. I only get one shot at this team because of my age, so I am glad I made the decision to compete. I will be competing in both the individual (Aug 18), and team competitions (Aug 21). I must admit, I am more excited for the team competition that the individual. It is definately a more exciting race to watch, and to race, althoughit is also much harder to race.

so until later,

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