Sunday, August 16, 2009

Canada Games, Day 3

Not much happened today. A few of us woke up early to get in an hour bike. We rode along the waterfront, it was a nice ride. Well paved roads, with almost no cars, although it was 7:30 in the morning. After the ride it was time for a quick little snack and then off to the pool. Most people did a little over 3km, but I have found that I swim better on a little taper, so i did the main set twice, and a longer warmdown, totalling 4500m. Once the swim was over I had a nice nap, more of a short sleep actually.

We had our pre race meeting today, nothing I haven't seen before. The course is the same, except for the run which they lengthened the loop to limit the amount of laps (5 last year, 3 this year). I was interested to find out the starting order, which was selected randomly. Each province is designated a sport by their starting number, which they cant change once they get on the pontoon. Sask. is first, and B.C last. Ontario is ranked second last, with N.S. in between us. That is great because most of the good swimmers are on the left side, which will create a good train.

Here is a picture from the Opening ceremonies that the team Ontario photographer took of me. It also made it into the days newsletter, here.

So until later,


Bob said...

You left off the photo caption: "CH gives the PM some tips on how to get back into his size 42 Wranglers for next year's Stampede"

Kick some butt for Ontario in PEI!

Emery said...

Drop the hammer tomorrow C!

The race hopefully will be shown on TSN 2 - Can't wait to see you rip it up in 1080i!

MARK said...